If you find yourself in a situation where you have no control with your gambling, please visit for professional advice and treatment! I am not educated in handling gamble addiction and highly recommend you contact professional as soon as possible. I can guarantee you that you will be much better off if you stop gambling!

On the other hand if you feel that you have started to lose control with your gambling but still want some advice to gamble responsible, you can keep on reading and I’ll share my story of how I went from a gambling issue to a responsible gambling hobby. It is IMPORTANT that you get professional help as soon as you feel you have lost control with your gambling!

Introduction to Online Casino winning Chances

Playing casino is associated with huge ups and downs (if you are not careful)! It is important to remember that casinos are business that ultimately make money from customers playing. That doesn’t mean that you cannot win though. I have been winning several days in a row and vice versa.

The most important things when playing casino is to play responsible! Why? Well, even though you win a lot and several days in a row, at some point you will start to lose! Those periods are often longer than the good periods and it can be relentless! Something very dangerously in relation to playing online casino is that if you have been winning in a long period of time, you will start to get the feeling that it is easy to win more. Therefore, it is IMPORTANT that you realize each spin on a video slot is completely random. The casinos do not have any influence on where, when and how the slot will pay you. A video slot often has an RTP (Return to player) of 95-98 percent.

When it is completely random you can be lucky in a long time, but the truth is that in the long run you will lose if you do not consider your game strategy. The beforementioned 95 percent payout is calculated from an infinite number of spins on the slot. This is called the theoretical payout. Meaning that you can be unlucky enough to not win anything on your spins or win huge amounts several spins in a row (This is very unusual, but theoretically… can happen)

Further video slots are divided in volatility from 1-10. A slot like Starburst from NetEnt with low volatility will pay more often but lesser amounts. This slot can pay up to approx. 500x your bet at once. While a slot like Voodoo Gold from Elk Studios has a volatility of 9, meaning it will pay fewer times, but you can win over 5000x your bet if you are really lucky. Really, really…. Really lucky!

It is supposed to be FUN to gamble!

In terms of controlling your game, MENTALITY is crucial! I will return to that. This will require some planning and some effort from you. I promise that this is minimal in relation to the benefits of playing responsible. Once the process is ongoing it will be easy.


With so much else regarding economics it is important to have a budget. This way you know how much you can afford to play each month. Based on your financial situation you have to access whether you can afford to play for €10, €50, €100 or more each month.


Once you know how much money you can afford to play a month, you need to consider how often you would like to be able to play each month. It may be that you just need to play once and therefore you can use your entire amount in one deposit. However, if you would like to play once each week you need to divide your monthly amount into 4. This way you can be sure to play at least once a week, every month. Another thing that you will need to consider is the bet level. Lower bets mean your money will last longer (if you don’t win) but you will win less and vice versa.

If you win

Before you start or continue playing, I will recommend you consider your strategy if you win. Do you use the full amount just to play more? Do you want to save 50% if the winnings and play with the remaining 50%? This is very important to figure out in case of responsible gambling. If you find a suitable strategy you will not end up losing all your winnings and maybe try to win it back and maybe lose even more.

Bonus Hunt

Most online casinos offer their existing customers promotions. If you get the right bonus offers you will have better chances and you will get even more out of your monthly amount. When I say the right bonus offer, you need to read the terms and conditions to see which kind of promotions the casino is offering you. Some bonuses are no-sticky (best type of bonus for you), while others are sticky, in that case you need to wager no matter what in order to withdraw. In this case it is also important to think of a strategy. Would you like to be able to withdraw instantly if you win fast, or are you okay with the need for a total wager? As soon as you know this it is easy for you to pick the right bonus offers and maximize your fun.

But all the above doesn’t matter unless you have the right mindset and mentality to control your impulses. Gambling addictions is often triggered by our animal instincts which can be impossible to control. Unfortunately, that is also why some players will lose everything and end up in a big black hole of debt. This is also why I cannot state it enough! If you lost control of you gambling – Seek professional help and exclude yourself. You will be much better off!


To comply with 1-4 you must be able to push away your thoughts about gambling. It is easier said then done. Or is it? When I had my problems with gambling, I was thinking about playing ALL THE TIME! 24/7! Either I wanted to play, or I was sad about losing more than I could afford. What helped me in case of controlling my thoughts was a new form of psychological treatment. I didn’t visit a psychologist but simply just read a book about Metacognitive Therapy. This therapy form differs from the traditional types of treatment and deals with the ability to push away thoughts. Therefor in order to comply with my tools you need to read a book. As I am Danish, I read a Danish version of the book called “Live More – Think less”. I have done some research and you need to read the book called “Metacognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression” written by Adrian Wells. This therapy is currently growing all around the world as a highly efficient treatment of stress, anxiety and depression. The tools you will learn will also be very applicable for managing your gambling. I read it every night I went to bed and finished it in a couple of weeks. This book gave me the mental strength to control my constant thoughts about gambling. Now I can sweep those thoughts away as easy as a blink with the eye. Now I only think about gambling when I am allowed. Once you finish this book, please go through step 1-4, and start to gamble responsible.

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